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About Represent Cincy

While sources of capital support for Black-owned businesses continue to grow, accessing it remains a challenge. Business owners must find these sources on their own, and when they do, they are often met with unrealistic qualification criteria and a slow process whose pace doesn't match the timing of the need. Institutions often fail to adjust their approach to risk assessment to account for the unique aspects of the business.

We understand that there's more to being a successful business than can be seen on paper. Our goal is to support black-owned businesses by using our resources to provide capital and professional services that lead to long-term success. To do this, we offer grants, low-interest loans, mentorship, and support from experienced business owners and service providers. These resources enable us to impact start-ups, established businesses, and businesses in transition; allowing us to transform the OTR business community while creating generational wealth.

Guiding Principles


Radical Transparency

We create a space for business owners and property owners to operate with transparency and collaboration that ensures the success of OTR’s Black-owned businesses


Industry Diversity

We want OTR’s Black-owned business community to be comprised of a diverse set of businesses that are competitive, complementary, and cooperative


Business Health

We ensure that the businesses we support demonstrate the capability to thrive in an OTR storefront for 5 years


Owner Readiness

We focus on ensuring that entrepreneurs have the skills and mindset to create and sustain a healthy business in an OTR storefront


Supportive Systems

We drive systemic change in the near-term and at the generational level, ensuring that sources of capital, licensing, legislation, etc. work better for Black business owners in OTR


Precise Focus

We magnify our impact by focusing our effort on Black-owned businesses in OTR


Deep Engagement

We establish deep relationships with business owners that allow us to provide targeted support that evolves with the needs of the business


Open Innovation

We take a partner-driven, outcome-focused approach, seeking out new ways to effectively bring the community’s resources to bear on the problem


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