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One neighborhood. One demographic.

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Our Challenge

Represent Cincy has established an aspirational goal to have the representation of Black business owners in Over-the-Rhine reflect the representation of Black residents in Cincinnati. To progress toward this goal, we must address issues with meaningful access to capital and ensure business owners have the capabilities and connections to thrive in the long term.

Our solution

Represent Cincy offers a real opportunity to provide the resources necessary to attract and retain Black-owned businesses into OTR storefronts. We aim to provide customized support to help each business succeed--including direct access to professional services and actively deploying capital to Black-owned businesses in the neighborhood.

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We cannot just wish for more black-owned businesses in the neighborhood. We have to be intentional about our investments and our support and that's exactly what Represent Cincy does.

- Aftab Pureval

  Cincinnati Mayor


Attract Black-owned businesses into OTR storefronts

Focus Areas

Funding and resources continue to be a need for Black-owned businesses. While there are a lot of resources out there, many struggle to access opportunities due to limited awareness, vague or unrealistic qualification criteria, slow processes, and risk-averse decision-making processes. We will provide the support needed to transform the OTR Black-owned business community in three ways:


Keeping healthy Black-owned businesses in OTR storefronts

Support Black entrepreneurs’ journey to readiness to occupy an OTR storefront


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